About Us

Open Hands is a registered charity organisation in Morocco founded in 2009, Our organisation aims to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. We are committed to supportour community in Marrakech and surrounding areas through various volunteering projectsincluding but not limited to supporting children with disabilities, orphanages, supporting community through painting and repairing schools and hospitals, teaching english andfeeding homeless etc.In addition to this we also fundraise for children’swho need medical surgeries and are unable to afford, we distribute clothes and blankets and basic requirements to poor families. We also run adhoc events throughout the year for example feeding homeless during Ramadan month, run sports events for disabled children.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering can offer you chance to give something back to the community as well as providing you an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.

International Volunteering provides cultural experiences and learn history and background of a country, it also helps with personal motivation and skills development including active listening, coaching leadership and relationship building.

Donations: if you are unable to volunteer and still want to make a difference to the community and help our projects through donations, we appreciate your donations through our donations page or feel free to contact us for other methods of donations and learn how you can get involved. We will keep you posted on how your donations are used through pictures of actions on ground.

Why Morocco?

Morocco is very rich in its culture and is a blend of Arab, Berber, European and African influences. while supporting the community you will experience the colourful culture, language, have the opportunity to explore the country and its beautiful sceneries. Please check out our top ten trips page to explore the adventures available to book in Morocco. Our team will be happy to assist you if you wish to plan any trip across the country.

Why Volunteer with Open Hands?

Opens Hands is truly dedicated to supporting the community and very transparent in how you add value to the community through hands on volunteering, we are dedicated to ensuring that our projects are responsibly run and have sustainable positive impact on supporting local needs. We have hosted over 1000 volunteers each year since we established in 2009.

Trainings: As soon as you register for your volunteering program with Open hands, you will be provided access to our interactive online training to ensure you are prepared for your program.

Safety:  Volunteer’s safety is one of our top priorities, we have very strict safety standards and risk management for our programs. Our volunteer’s accommodation has been fully screened and approved for safety, we have dedicated team member available to support you with any concerns you may have. During your trip you will always be in the company of the other volunteers and coordinators to make you feel comfortable of not being alone in a foreign country.We will also put you in touch with other volunteers arriving around the same time, so you have travel buddies and connect on social media, please feel free to check our facebook page and you tube videos (link below).

Transportation: Even though Taxi’s and transportation in Marrakech is completely safe, for your peace of mind we also provide transportation to and from the airport, so you feel comfortable that you are in safe hands soon as you arrive in the country. Marrakech is completely safe country with friendly locals who are very welcoming and takes pride in maintaining the safe reputation of the country.

Cost: Our volunteering experiences comes at very low cost and directly impacts the projects you volunteer for, so you have peace of mind that your money is spend directly to support the community,please check our costs page for further details.

Please check our FAQ’s page for more details or simply get in touch with us if you have questions that are not answered here. We look forward to hosting you in our beautiful country.

You Have Questions, Opinions?? We Are Listening To You